The Experience

Our team of dental specialists offer a variety of treatments to meet your dental needs in a convenient location in North Nanaimo.


When you become a patient of Vancouver Island Dental Specialists, you can expect comprehensive care from experienced world-renowned clinicians who are dedicated to developing exceptional results with outstanding patient experiences.  We are able to offer advanced treatment concepts with minimally invasive approaches that have been developed over decades of experience. We partner with your dentist and hygienist and with skilled dental technicians and laboratories, with a focus on collaboration starting with the first consultation through to treatment and follow-ups, regardless of the case complexity and magnitude of treatment required.  We use the latest clinical concepts and technologies to more accurately diagnose and then assist you in your treatment decisions.


You will be treated in a comfortable and welcoming setting that has been designed and built to best manage and protect our patients and staff to minimize exposure to others as we take your health and that of our clinical and administrative staff seriously.


As we open in 2020, every effort has been made to create a clinic that meets and exceeds the guidelines for safe treatment of our patients, from enclosed rooms to minimize aerosol spread, venting patterns and frequency to better filter air throughout the office, along with multi-level UV disinfection and HEPA filtration directly in treatment rooms and our ventilation system. 


A dental specialist is a dentist who has completed an additional 2+ years of post-graduate training in a specified field of dentistry.  We often work in close collaboration with your dentist to complement their restorative treatment.  Although referral to us from your general dentist may be provided, it is not required and you have the option to contact us directly to schedule your consultation.  



We have developed an international reputation and are recognized by our colleagues for our expertise in many areas of treatment that you may be seeking.


Among these are the following dental implant procedures:


  • Implant surgery using guided technology that increases accuracy/precision and reduces errors in implant surgery, and can reduce the amount of time spent in the chair as well as reduce the number of procedures required. Dr. Leziy has been instrumental in refining these protocols with her laboratory partners to streamline the patient experience.

  • Esthetic zone treatment- helping you maintain or improve your smile. Dr. Leziy is recognized as a leading clinician in the management of esthetically complex cases requiring dental implant treatment. Our conservative procedures involved in the removal of teeth, accurate planning and insertion of dental implant(s), management of bone and gum defects and methods to guide the healing of the surrounding gums will be considered in managing your smile.  

  • Immediate implant placement for the replacement of one, multiple or full-arch rehabilitations. In the right clinical situation, this concept allows us to more routinely offer dental implant placement at the time of tooth removal, along with insertion non-removable transitional tooth solutions.  

  • Same-day full-arch implant solutions (sometimes called all-on-4 or 6). Collaboration with our resident prosthodontist may allow the removal of failing teeth, implant placement and immediate connection to a temporary non-removable bridge in the right clinical situation. This can often eliminate the need for transitional dentures. Permanent bridgework is designed and fabricated after implants have fused/integrated in your bone.   


It is the goal of all dental practitioners to provide excellence in care.


While our experience is critical to accomplishing this, there are many technologies that support our ability to excel in our treatment outcomes, including: 

Cone Beam CT Scans (CBCT) 

Digital Radiography with the newest NOMAD technology

Intra-oral Optical Scans (iOS- 3Shape Trios) 


Computer-guided implant surgery 


Immediately restored implants  


Treatment of periodontal and dental implant diseases with HuFriedy EMS Air-flow technology 


STA injection system 


PRF growth factor technology (using your own blood-based growth factors and cells) to enhance healing with both gum and bone grafting procedures 


A dental practice is a working machine, where all the parts are integral cogs of the total patient experience.