The clinicians and the team at Vancouver Island Dental Specialists look forward to meeting you!


While this clinic is new to Nanaimo, we bring a vast knowledge base from our prior practice experiences both in this community, continuing education, and inter-connected learning with other specialists.  


The COVID19 pandemic has impacted all of your lives and Dr. Leziy and her colleagues have taken this seriously in the design of this clinic. Every effort has been made to make this the safest environment possible for you and for our team members.


While our approach to treatment and clinic management has always involved the highest cleaning and disinfection procedures, many increased tiers of safety have been introduced. This is a dynamic landscape so we closely monitor and adopt recommendations from our Provincial Health Authorities, the BC Dental Association and the College of Dental Surgeons of BC.  


Measures that you can expect from us include: 

Minimize contact steps within our office through electronic document completion before your appointment (this is ideal, but not mandatory). This will include the completion of a questionnaire relating to your health and COVID19 exposure risks.  

You must wear a mask when entering the clinic and while in common areas - staff will inform you when it is appropriate to remove your mask.  

Your temperature will be taken on entry to our office and you will be provided with hand sanitizer. We will verbally review the questionnaires that you completed electronically.  

There will be limited numbers of patients in the clinic in order to effect social distancing. 

We have specifically designed this clinic to provide higher-level filtration/venting in all treatment areas, separating them from non-clinical regions, with increased and independent HEPA filtration, and air turn-over increased from the typical 7 to 20 times per hour. 

All operatories are enclosed, have enhanced disinfection devices and protocols, including chair-side aerosol evacuation with our Vaniman units in all clinical rooms- these will collect 95% of respiratory aerosols emitted during hygiene and surgical/dental treatment, fogging between patients, enhanced nightly disinfection protocols for all surfaces.  

We have always used higher-level personal protective equipment (PPE) due to the nature of our work, but have taken greater steps to protect you and our staff. You will notice our use of gowns for all treatment/procedures, Level 3 or high masks and visors. We use our new medical Maxair cappers - these medical head/face covers with built-in HEPA filters will ensure absolute respiratory protection and separation for you and the treating clinicians.  

We look forward to meeting you as we continue to open our doors during this trying time and we are happy to answer any questions that you may have about the steps that we are implementing to make you safe when under our care.


We welcome you!  

Dr. Sonia Leziy and associates, and the team members. 

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